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Broadband Symmetric Services


Broadband Symmetric Services

Will plusnet be starting a new SDSL Product and if so what prices?

BT Wholesale sites info

The bit that interest me the most and someone here can maybe help me on this, if am on a IP Stream office 2000 now, what are my chances on getting a 2MB down and 2MB up with SDSL [BT IPStream Symmetric End User Access 2000]

"Generally, it is not possible to provide Broadband Symmetric services beyond 4km from the exchange."

"Subject to survey, Broadband Symmetric services are available at speeds up to 256kbit/s (kilobits per second), 512kbit/s, 1024kbit/s (1 megabit per second) and 2048kbit/s (2mbit/s)."


"BT IPStream Symmetric is an end-to-end broadband IP access product for ISPs available in 250kb/s, 500kb/s, 1mb/s and 2mb/s variants. BT DataStream Symmetric allows wholesale operators to design their own IP networks with BT's symmetric ATM broadband components providing connectivity to end users."


Broadband Symmetric services are unlikely to be attractive to most consumers and home users for a number of reasons:

• They are more expensive because they require more bandwidth to achieve the symmetric nature of the service.
• Most home users only require high download speeds and do not need the symmetric capabilities of the Broadband Symmetric service
• Unlike ADSL broadband, Broadband Symmetric cannot use the same line to support a standard BT PSTN service. This means that the customer requires two separate lines if they wish to have both a standard BT PSTN service and Broadband Symmetric services.

The only thing in that list that i would be worried about is the price, the upload yes would be great and the loss of phone line not worried, the 450:00 connection cost is fine, but monthly costs?
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Broadband Symmetric Services

I believe PlusNet have said in the past that they won't be offering it at the moment, as it's an expensive product that will be of little interest I'm afraid.

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Broadband Symmetric Services


As to whether you can get the 2000 service what did the checker on the page you quoted say..

In my case it is not planned for my exchange, but if it were then I would be amber. For the 2000 ADSL product I show as no problems.


Broadband Symmetric Services

The Availability Checker reads - Sorry - SDSL is not planned for Exchange BALLYMENA.

However, if it became available, the table below shows the range of Broadband Symmetric services that you may be able to receive at this address. This would need to be confirmed by a survey.

[Green - You should be able to obtain this service] 256k - 512k - 1MB

[Red - You will not be able to obtain this service ] 2MB

I don't like them checkers they have never been correct, for example the ADSL checkers read that i could have 512k but not the 1MB - 2MB services which is not true has i am on 2MB ADSL, so i was trying to work out if am on 2MB now what are the chances of getting 2MB SDSL, i think i should be able to have 2MB SDSL, but i am not sure & was wondering if any one here could tell me if that was correct?

The cost is way to high atm to even think about, am happy with my 2MB downstream but was just interested to work out if it were possible to upgrade at a later time when or if the prices droped to more a realistic level.