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Broadband Speed


Broadband Speed

I'm on the Broadband Premier Option 1 for UpTo8MB Broadband, but for the majority of the time it seems to run fairly slow; Usually around 2mb or under, which is bad since I was paying much less for 2mb broadband and it was going faster.

Here's the information I've gathered so far:

Your current broadband speed is 2000 Kbps (I'm not sure, but shouldn't this be 8000 Kbps at least sometimes?).

Date________________Speed Achieved (kbps)
21-01-2007 12:51:01 ___ 1862
20-01-2007 19:36:37 ___ 1807.9
24-12-2006 16:10:51 ___ 1489.7
22-12-2006 18:27:42 ___ 1814.2
14-12-2006 15:21:11 ___ 1634
05-12-2006 19:39:16 ___ 679.1
29-11-2006 13:56:15 ___ 1792.5
25-11-2006 11:38:03 ___ 1762.2
24-11-2006 10:23:33 ___ 1385.1
24-11-2006 10:06:09 ___ 1369
23-11-2006 11:46:30 ___ 1807.3
22-11-2006 18:01:49 ___ 1720.8
22-11-2006 16:08:45 ___ 1225.3
21-11-2006 19:59:54 ___ 485.8

BroadbandMax Speedtest:
Download - 2009 kbps
Upload - 245 kbps

Using the LLU check I saw in another thread I got this:
"You are currently connected to the "Telehouse North, Juniper 1" gateway. This gateway is sometimes known as ptn-ag1."

No idea what that part means though. =\

The fault checker says there are no faults.

The information on my router that I could gather was this:
Belkin Modem & Router Built-In As One (Wireless 802.11G & B)
ADSL Status: Connected
Data Rate Down/Up: 2272Kb/288Kb
Connection Type: PPPoA

Not sure what other information I can give, so I'll leave it as that for now and see what gets said so I can move on this further.
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Broadband Speed


Looking at your router statistics, the 2272/288 sync you have got indicates that you are on a fixed rate (2Mb) product.

I would submit a re-grade request via if you are concerned with having the up to 8mb speed.

Please bear in mind that the max product is rate adaptive and will require at least a 10 day training period, so that the exchange can find your most stable maximum speed.

I would advise you to read all the associated documentation carefully before proceeding.

Broadband Speed

Thanks for the reply.

How do you do a re-grade request?
The page that link redirects to only has 'Get Ready for High-speed Broadband', 'Upgrade now to Up to 8mb' or 'Opt out of the Up to 8mb programme'.

I'll be sure to read all the documents before doing anything then.
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Broadband Speed

Hi there, this is what you should see when you click "Upgrade now to 8Mb"


Please note that when you are upgraded you may have interleaving turned on. Interleaving is used on some ‘up to 8Mb’ broadband lines to help ensure a stable connection. Where it is switched on it will be beneficial for most customers. Customers who regularly use online games or use VoIP telephones, and are concerned about latency may choose to turn interleaving off. We strongly recommend that customers who have interleaving switched on, leave it on. However we recognise that some customers may prefer faster ping times over line stability. Please note that interleaving is used to stabilise connections by default and will need to be turned back on before a fault can be raised.

To opt-in to ‘Up to 8Mb’ speed, in the box below (Ask your Question here), please type “I would like to receive an 'Up to 8Mb' upgrade” and press send.

You should get a email update as and when things are progressing, and when the upgrade is complete.

Hope this helps.



Broadband Speed

Ok, thanks for that. It helps a lot.

Just out of curiosity, how unstable would the line be with interleaving turned off?
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Broadband Speed

It really does depends on a lot of things to be honest.. it's a huge game of variables when it comes to max.

With fixed rate products, it was down to line attenuation, ie if you had more than 46db downstream antennuation, you would only be able to get a 1mb or worse, 512k product.

Are you able to post your router stats in here?

If you're not sure how to do that, take a look here at Kitz's excellent website where she explains everything in laymans' terms.

So, to put it as honestly as I can - if you're not into gaming which relies heavily on good pings, then leave interleaving on. Again, your line stats will tell me all if you post them here Wink



Broadband Speed

This is all the information that came up on the status page that site linked me to:

I put the info into image form because if I copy and past the text the format gets really destroyed and it would be a pain to go through it all getting it right...

Hopefully that's the information you meant.

Also, the site mentioned this:
"Some maxdsl users have reported problems with the F5D7632-4 . Belkin have now released new firmware which can be downloaded from here"

It's the model I have, should I download this firmware update? Also, if I should do the firmware there any precautions I should take beforehand.
I've never done anything with the firmware of something before.
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Broadband Speed


First of all - you have fantastic line stats. A lot of users would give their right arm to have the statistics you have. Wink

Are you per chance, near to your exchange?

I don't forsee any problems with you being upgraded to MAX with those stats, with interleaving on or off!

As for updating your router, the best thing I can suggest is "don't fix it if it ain't broke" - I would also suggest that you look to see what version firmware your router has, and see what version firmware is on the update.

Download the update by all means and keep it safe somewhere, but I would try the connection first without the update.

If you do decide to update the firmware, then you need to do this from a machine that is connected to the router by cable *not* wireless as the file transfer may not take place successfully which could potentially make your router into a pretty looking book-end if you're not careful.

Back up all your settings using the "backup settings" function and save the file somewhere safe. That way, if it does go wrong, you've got a copy of the settings, and I do mean literally that, it's just the settings, *not* the router firmware, as unfortunately they don't provide a backup option for that (Not that I have seen anyway)

I hope this helps you, somewhat. Feel free to bend my ear if you're stuck.

Kind regards,


Broadband Speed

Yes, we're about 3-4 miles away from the nearest BT exchange.

o.O I just noticed that the version of my firmware is newer than the version on Belkin's website. The site version is 3.01.20 and mine is way up at 6.01.04.
Maybe I should tell Belkin to update their site...

Thank you very much for going over everything with me and providing me with good help.
Just got to check with my sister now about upgrading the account to MAX since she pays the bill.