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Broadband Premier 2MB


Broadband Premier 2MB

I have the old Homesurf 512K account and I'm thinking of upgrading. I've been following the various threads on the new Premier services and I'm confused. Can someone who knows please help:

1. Does the new Premier 2MB use any type of speed throttling, traffic shaping?
2. Will I be able to use P2P file sharing services unrestricted?
3. If I take the 'keep the same speed' upgrade option will I get the free speed upgrades when they arrive?
4. Now that FUP is gone, is there any download capping?
5. Will I have to pay anything to upgrade?
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Broadband Premier 2MB

There are no restrictions on the premier account unlike broadband plus so p2p is okay to use (I've got the premier account and use p2p perfectly fine).

Yes the speed upgrade will be free, but if you want to queue jump then it will be £14.99, but the free speed upgrade will happen so time between april and july.
The speed upgrade is upto 2mb so you may not be able to have 2mb if your line does not support it.

There is no download capping as such, but I would not take the mickey and download everything during peak times during the day otherwise they may cancel your account if they think its excessive. But PN have not mention any download limits.

You'll need to speak with customer support about upgrading from homesurf since i'm not sure if there are any fees to pay

Hope it helps