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Broadband PAYG


Broadband PAYG

It is priced at £14.99 the same as Plus and then a cost for each GB over your limit. Why would anyone want to use this over normal Broadband PlusHuh??

I ask because a friend is interested in Plusnet and I said I would look into it for him..

Any takersHuh?

Broadband PAYG

See the comparison table at:

As I understand it the advantages of PAYG are:

30:1 contention (i.e. better than the 50:1)
SMTP mail
Possibility of a Static IP address
Availability of fax2mail service

I also think that the PAYG service is not throttled at peak times but I'm not absolutely sure of thisHuh

I would be interested if anyone else knows of other differences or can confirm all the above. I went for PAYG because of the likelihood of faster overall speeds.

Broadband PAYG

Ahh...i see.well I think the speed may not be an issue really so Plus is probably better and less risk of costs being too high if there kids do too much browsing.