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Broadband Extra up to 8Mbps


Broadband Extra up to 8Mbps

Like most other PN customers I also experienced great difficulty with the speed during the changeover. I was getting 1.0Mbps before the change and the service was good, then on the changeover my troubles started, some days I could not even get 1.0Mbps. I kept a summary of the speed each time I logged on and this varied between 475.5Kbps ans 3.7Mbps. (it was up and down like a whor.. drawers)

According to BT the most highest speed I could expect was 2.5+Mbps there was no way I could get this speed by this time, I was getting desperate especially with not being able to contact PN I was about to give up. I decided
to check my equipment and swopped my Voyager 105 Modem which was supplied by PN with another modem I had spare, it is a Speedtouch 330 also I changed the filters and hey presto I was getting 2.7Mbps this was 10 days ago and the speed has remained constant since.
The best Log on speed is 2.7Mbps with download of 1355.59Kbps and download at the server of 169.45Mbps. It seems my speed has now settled at 2.7Mbps and I am quite happy. The speed does vary slightly depending on the time of day.

I tested the Voyager Modem on my Laptop which has the same system and CPU as my Desktop and it could only get 1.8Mbps as the highest log on, so I can only presume the Modem was not working properly.

To those who are desperate and in the same position I would say check your equipment and be patient, you never know I think luck has a lot to do with it.