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Broadband EasyStart...


Broadband EasyStart...

If I sign up to Broadband EasyStart... @ £24.99 per month there is a 12 month contract, presumably this is to cover the activation fee and cost of the starter pack.
I believe the equivilant service is £18.99 / month but the equipment and activation fee must be paid as well.
My question is what happens at the end of the 12 months? will the cost drop to £18.99 or what ever the appropriate monthly fee is for the same service. Or will it remain at the full price?
If its the 2nd then its got to work out cheaper buying your own equipment etc in the long run!

I have a modem already so there would only be the £60 activation fee.

Your thoughts please? :shock:
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Broadband EasyStart...

The eqiv non-equipment product is ADSL Home £21.99 not Home Surf £18.99 - check the webspace and cgi options, Home Surf only has 50Megs web and no cgi etc whereas Home & Easy have 250Megs & cgi facilities.

I don't think the price changes after 12 months are up but you should be able to switch products, although their may be an admin fee to do so.

Some non-equipment products have a 1 month contract - just check the options for each carefully.

If you have an ADSL modem already I suggest you choose Home Surf or Home depending on your web requirements as it will be cheaper in the long run and you could limit the contract to 1 month allowing switching out if you are not satisfied.

Broadband EasyStart...

There is no admin fee to switch after 12 months, and the great news is that easy start works out cheaper.

Rememeber, that the modem, activation and spam/virus filtering is included.