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Broadband Change Problem


Broadband Change Problem


I have just been moved over to option 2 for broadband after looking to move to a different ISP last month. I was told that the only thing that would change would be the allowance between 4pm and midnight, and that it would go down from 20GB to 8GB which was fine and that my charge per month would also go down to £14.99.

I have just logged into my account to find that this is not the case. The 8GB limit is from 8am to Midnight which is totally useless to me. If i want to download anything (Demo's for my PS3 which are anything from 200MB to over 1GB) I dont want to do it over night, I liked the fact that I could set something downloading in the morning and by the afternoon when I got home from work it would be ready and waiting.
I was NOT told that the times for the peak usage would be changed as well otherwise I would not have gone ahead with it.
Can this peak limit time be changed at all back to 4pm to midnight as the current setup is no good for me.
I want to stay with Plus Net but if this can not be changed then I will refund you the 3 months rebate you gave me and I will change ISP's.

Thanks for your help in advance


Chris De'Cort
Posts: 21,036
Registered: 04-04-2007

Broadband Change Problem

Hi Chris,

You are quite right that the changes in product have resulted in a change of price, usage and also in the peak periods. I'm sorry if this wasn't communicated properly to you when you spoke to us.

We're not in a position where we can change the peak times back to 4pm-midnight as this has been part of the financial calculations when designing the Broadband Your Way range of products. However, you would have three options:

- Stick on Broadband Your Way, Option 2 and PAYG after you hit your usage limit at £1 per GB.
- Change back to your previous product with the same price, usage and peak times that you were paying.
- Upgrade to Broadband Your Way, Oprion 3, which would give 20GB peak usage for £19.99 per month, with a peak time of 8am-midnight.

Let me know and I'll see what we can arrange for you.