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Blog about a dead braodband connection


Blog about a dead braodband connection

Day 111 without broadband. I have decided to stop interacting directly with plusnet, as such organisation has shown during the last 3.5 months since my broadband connection stopped, complete inefficiency, cheating, laziness, rigidity, impotence and greediness.

My broadband status is from now on to be discussed on plusnet broadband help forum and other external forums. Broadband customers will learn about plusnet actions, or rather, lack of actions. I have got hundreds of shocking pages about plusnet. And more deplorable to come!

My next and only interaction with plusnet support team will be to inform them when my broadband will be working again.
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Blog about a dead braodband connection


I am locking this thread as you already have a active thread about your connection issues, there is no need for multiple threads on the same topic as it causes confusion.

I would also advise if you wish your connection to be fixed then you will need to liaise directly with the plusnet support team, as they will be unable to take the correct actions to ensure your fault is resolved if you do not.

These forums are not here to aid a personal crusade against plusnet, but to offer the help and advice of a large user community.

Please keep this issue to your original thread ( ).

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