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Blistering download, bad ping!


Blistering download, bad ping!

I'm really pleased with my new ADSL connection - I connect at 576kbs and seem to download that fast too! Excellent!

On the minus side my ping time on games servers is diabolical - think worse that dial-up. It's been around 300-400 on most servers I tried. Could this be an MTU problem?

Any thoughts / tweaks that might help fix this heinous problem please?

Blistering download, bad ping!

What are your current MTU settings and what equipment are
you using.?
Take the tweak test here and post the link.

Blistering download, bad ping!

Another two things.

Can you give examples of some example server addresses.

Have you perfomed a speed test on ADSL Guide? Allthough you think it is at full speed, can you confirm it?

The only reason I say this, is that two exchanges over on the Wirral have known problems at this time. So it may be worth checking if your is one of them. You can find that out visiting here

Blistering download, bad ping!

Direction Actual Speed True Speed (estimated)
Downstream 454 Kbps (56.8 KB/sec) 490 Kbps (inc. overheads)
Upstream 243 Kbps (30.4 KB/sec) 262 Kbps (inc. overheads)

Maybe not so fast, but am used to 56k dial-up and one-tel... :?

Results from dslreports/tweaks

Will try the Dr!

FYI am on Hooton exchange - so no worries. Thanks for checking.

Blistering download, bad ping!

forgot to say I am using usb binatone modem with win xp, 512MB, XP2000+ AMD.

Dr TCP only shows settings for my unused (until I get a router) NIC. Will these still affect the transmissions via my USB modem?

Blistering download, bad ping!

Set MTU to 1478 and RWIN to 17256. Set dial up MTURAS and
RWIN TCP recieve) follow the instructions in this link
Dont worry about your network card as being listed.
Your RWIN is way too high and your MTU is set up for PPPOE.
I'm therefore wondering if you've installed your Binatone modem correctly.
Some incorrect instructions may have been sent out to some people so
check here
if its the one with the three lights double check the install guide on the
portal. Make sure you have chosen the PPPOA option.
The other thing is that your line is showing six percent packet loss
so try the above and see if you can get an improvement, otherwise if it
persisits you may need to raise a ticket with support.

Blistering download, bad ping!

New scores on the doors:

Downstream 478 Kbps (59.8 KB/sec) 516 Kbps (inc. overheads)
Upstream 246 Kbps (30.8 KB/sec) 265 Kbps (inc. overheads)

This is about 5% better i think. Close to maximum on 512kbps.

dslreports is down unfortunately. my ping time with games servers is far better than before. I will follow the rest of the MTU tweak thread and have a look.

Thanks for all the feedback again.

BTW, my Binatone modem is the two-light but neither set of install instructions make any sense at all! I did check out the alternative on PlusNet, but no joy. They don't match the install CD.

Blistering download, bad ping!

Results from Tweak Tester - looks good. Should I follow their advice on MTU and RWIN?

Blistering download, bad ping!

Yes, that's a good improvement and almost as good as it
gets with 512K speedwise. Your modem is more than likely
installed correctly, it was just odd to see the MTU set for PPPOE.
If your using XP then you need service pack 1 to get the best from the
Binatone and if your planning to get a router and use ethernet
then make sure you install DirectX 9 for online gaming as it has a
few improvements. You should see a decent improvement in ping times
when you switch to ethernet.

Blistering download, bad ping!

With reference to your last tweaktester result :
Your packet loss has now disappeared,
your data transmit time has decreased,
and you've also seen a 5% increase in your
speeds, I only suggested the tweaktester so
that we could see what MTU you had and if there was
packet loss.
Should you follow their advice on MTU & RWIN ?
NO WAY !!!!! :lol: