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Blackhiling - if PlusNet won't respond to ticket 20396961 ..

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Blackhiling - if PlusNet won't respond to ticket 20396961 ..

Being as PlusNet won't respond to my queries about exactly how to get blackholing set up (I've been getting loads of "Mail delivery failure" messages - apparently because someone else's PC is infected & sending things out from my account), I wonder if anyone else can help? I'm not a total thicko on the IT front but they will insist on addressing their responses to nerds and when I tried to get through on the phone the robot woman redirected me back to the internet. Sigh ...

I'm getting very confused about all this - especially given the fact you haven't answered the 2 questions above the one that Leon DID answer.

(1) You say my default is Why, then, is it listed on my E-mail settings as roseyoud?
(2) I have assumed that if you blackhole my default, I need to have mailboxes set up for any separate address that people may have been emailing me at (i.e. as opposed to the standard
(3) If this is the case, does it mean that when I'm using webmail (i.e. away from my home computer/Outlook), I will need to log in for each separate mailbox to get mail? Your Help pages SEEM to be saying that webmail can be configured to collect them all in one log-in - but from what Leon says this isn't the case.

Would that I could TALK to someone about this!

But your reply in any case eagerly awaited.

Best wishes

My eager awaiting has now lasted 3 1/2 days ...

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Blackhiling - if PlusNet won't respond to ticket 20396961 ..

1. That mailbox that is already there named roseyoud is the default one that goes with your account and can't be changed.

2.Yes you will need to set up named mailboxes for each name you want to use and also one called postmaster as you are contracted to check that one for mail from PlusNet.

3. Using Webmail you will indeed need to login with roseyoud+mailboxname.

Hope that helps.