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Bizarre problems connecting to the net


Bizarre problems connecting to the net

Hi there

I've been having really annoying problems with my connection for the past week or so.

It started when I noticed that in my 'Connection Status', I had a high number of errors in the Received column, something I'd never come across before (although I've only been with Plusnet for about 2 weeks).

The net connection eventually stopped working altogether, and then I was brought to a webpage by Plusnet telling me it was likely I'd got infected with something or other.

I managed to get on the Web and scan at Trend Micro Online, and found I had two bugs


I've been running a variety of virus programs to try to get rid of these. I already had AVG, (but obviously that didn't do the trick in the first place), I've also used McAfee and others.

My recent scans tell me I'm clean, but I'm still having peculiar problems on the net.

Today, the internet having been fine for hours, it suddenly stopped connecting to sites, and the number of errors began to rise again. I wasn't able to get to any of the antiviral websites.

Then I turned off my computer, left it a while, turned it back on.......and it works. It's been doing this on and off for days....I'm at a loss to explain it, and it's very annoying?

Can anyone give me some advice?

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Bizarre problems connecting to the net

Have you recently downloaded Service Pack 2 on Win XP by any chance? Cos your trouble sounds similar to the aggro I was getting till I got shot of it again . My laptop didn't like it one bit. Smiley

Bizarre problems connecting to the net

Oh, forgot to mention I'm using Windows 2000 Pro. Sad

Bizarre problems connecting to the net

Are you running a firewall of any kind?

Do you use a modem or router for your connection?

You might also want to run Spybot and Adware on your machine, as you may have some spyware. Also Ewido is good for removing trojans/key loggers etc.

Bizarre problems connecting to the net

Gosh, I've left off most details:

Firewall: Zone Alarm Pro
Modem: Alcatel Speedtouch 330, no router or anything like that

I've run SpyBot about once a week for the last 2 years or so. Mysteriously, it's completely failed to find anything for about the last 3 months. Is this a sign that it's been broken or just because I started using Firefox, I wonder.

Bizarre problems connecting to the net

If you've been running spybot so long, have you upgraded it and sought new definitions and updates?

Plus, have you the latest updates for W2K?

You might also like to run Hijactthis and scan, show the log to soemone who is knowledgeable. If you got infected by those two bugs you could have other residual bits of them if they need a removal tool.

Good luck

Bizarre problems connecting to the net

Have you run adware? spybot is very good, but it doesn't catch everything.
If you want, use hi-jack this and drop the log on here. I'll take a look and see if anything looks suspect.

Spybot hasn't picked up anything on my machine for a long time either, but adware does, normally cookies, nothing to serious.


Bizarre problems connecting to the net

Oh yeah

You don't mention your PC details. You should check to make sure your fans(s) are working OK in case there's any overheating

Good Luck

Bizarre problems connecting to the net

Hi there,

Re Spybot. If your running v 1.2 then you wont detect any new pattern files. 1.2 will not receive anymore updates. Upgrade to V1.3 for up to date protection.


Bizarre problems connecting to the net


Didn't have all the win2000 updates before I got infected, but I've got them all now and they seem to have installed just fine.

Must upgrade to the new Spybot! I hadn't realised that I needed to upgrade.

Fans and everything working fine so far as I can tell. Must go to sleep. Will soldier on tomorrow!

Bizarre problems connecting to the net

Right, I've now installed both Spybot 1.3 and Adaware, and they've found loads, and I've deleted them all.

No more errors so far, hopefully that's sorted the problem!