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Bit of help if you can please.


Bit of help if you can please.

I have an old account; BroardBand East Start, however I have been offered the opportunity to change my account at my request.

I would like to klnow what the difference is between the existing package I have (£24.99 Easy Start) and the proposed switch to The Premier account (also 24.99)

Customer support says I will be downgrading, however, I have no information on what I will be downgradimng from.

Hopefully one of you guys will be able to shed some light, my responses from the support team seem a little short of forthcoming information, shame really cause there quite quick at responding.

Please help... :mrgreen:
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Bit of help if you can please.

Premier up to 2Mbs is £21.99 not £24.99 so because you will be paying less you are actually downgrading your account.

Easystart is almost identicle to premier so you won't gain or lose anything regarding features, you will just pay less for the same product.

Note: PN may charge you £14.99 for the privilege of downgrading unless they have offered to do this change for free.

Note2: if you usage is less than 10GB/month you may want to change to the PAYG 10GB account @ £19.99/month, and if your usage is less than 5GB/month even a standard PAYG account starting at £14.99 (£18.99 with 5GB alowance) may be cheaper.


I have downgraded, they made me a no charge offer so I took advantage.

Cheers for the reply, that was exactly the information i required.