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Bintone Modem new install problems


Bintone Modem new install problems

I am running xp pro with sp1 and updates. I installed the plus net binatone modem and then clicked on the web page to connect. I set IE up not to dial unticked detect lan settings as per instructions and it wont let me into the config page.

The lan setting are ther but it does give me a ip in the 168 range. I can ping the modem but no matter what I do I cant open the config page. IE trys to dial even after I removed all dial ups.

Is ther another page I could try ie a /setup or some thing?

I have tried all setting in IE all with the same results I even disabled the other NIC
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Bintone Modem new install problems

For me stuff on the setup pages worked really slowly - waiting for about 2 full minutes made me think it had frozen - but I am probably just impatient!