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Like so many others, my step fatherhas signed up with plusnet and has now recieved his binatone modem which is now hooked up to my pc while I figure it out.

to set the scene

thurs 19 feb

formatted pc to get rid of old crap prog's
reinstalled software windows xp etc...
service pack1

friday 20th feb

recieved binatone adsl500 (3 lights)
place cd in drive
when prompted connected modem

double clicked binatone shortcut 'page cannot be displayed'.

please help ... i have read through all the other posts so i know i am supposed to remove all other dun's etc {there were no other isp setup as I knew the modem was due and the service was live} so this was the first modem installed.

i have hooked the modem upto my pc still no luck, I have even tried to telnet to still nothing.

where do i go from here .. Sad
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Probably to bed and wait for the rest of us to wake up Cheesy

I have never used the device but some basic info may help:

Has your ADSL been confirmed by plusnet as being activated? If not you need to wait for this to happen before you can use the modem.

If it is activated...

Check the troubleshooting guide at the botton right of the Customer support page
Check the ADSL wiring tutorial (to make sure it is wired correctly) and also read the troubleshooting tutorial. Both can be found in the tutorials forum.

What is your PC spec and motherboard chipset ?

Search for binatone and see what comes up - there will be a lot of threads but your problem may have been reported by someone else and been answered.
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Hi Peter

The service went live on wednesday, I have tried another modem in and that works find but thats my spare and I am not leaving that with my step father.

His pc is a celeron 1300 mhz 256 mb 40 gb hd etc etc
windows XP pro + service pack 1.

I should be able to telnet to the modem but this does not work however I will look again through the other posts to make sure I've not missed something..