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Binatone modem -2 lights


Binatone modem -2 lights

When I first joined plusnet- I was supplied with a Binatone modem by Plus Net- which worked well with Windows xp home.

Recently I upgraded to a router and that works well too!

My son has just joined up (adsl) with Plus Net and I lent him my original Binatone modem.

His computer is older ( Dell Pentium 2 -233mhz) operating Windows ME.

After intermittent times connected on internet- his modem lights go off ( both of them) and he has to restart the computer to get modem working again.

Is there a cure for this? He tried "contact us" and was asked to test modem on another computer. It worked perfectly on my computer all the time!

Does anyone have any ideas?

Any help would be appreciated!

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Binatone modem -2 lights

Sounds like the classic USB power issues - sometimes the motherboard cannot supply enough current or the modem draws more current than is acceptable by the USB port and the motherboard shuts it down to protect itself. In doing so power is lost to the modem and it disconnects (the lights go out). Older mobos suffer this especially if they have VIA or SiS chipsets. Also WinMe is not a good USB OS either but thats another story.

This could also be a result of the PSU in the PC not being able to supply enough juice for the USB port to operate as well as all the other equipment.

My only advice is to either buy a powered USB 2 hub (not a USB 1.1) or a PCI USB 2.0 card and see if that helps. Or do what you have done and buy a proper lan based ADSL modem router.

Binatone modem -2 lights

i had the same problem on my k7 mobo and for months i had been trying to sort this out. The modem cut off everytime the screen saver activated or when ever a game is loaded. i bought a pci to usb card and it's a lot better now... but still whenever a game is loaded the modem lost sync with my pc. i can't play online games! Another stanger things is the connection icon on the bottom right stop responding, no respond even on double click and no data transmition, even both the light on my binatone are fine showing power and sync. the only solution is to rebbot my pc.. anyone know why?

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Binatone modem -2 lights

Hi Danny,

As with levy1's problem this is most likely a power management issue. Essentially when you are playing a game or something similar the PC needs extra processing power and therefore extra power to run this and extra power for the fans to cool it down and so on.

Two things can then happen to cause the problem with the disconnection, either the motherboard incorrectly assigns power destined for your USB ports or card or there isn't suffient power to run everything at the same time, either way the modem disconnects.

This may be resolvable by installing more up to date drivers for the motherboard so it can better control the power distribution, or it's possible that it may even need a higher spec power supply.

Binatone modem -2 lights

Same occurs with me. I have a VIA chipset and upgraded the drivers for it, but it is still happening.

Quite often I get a blue screen of death, PC is running XP Professional.

The blue screen indicates a driver problem.

I cannot find any latest drivers for the modem other than those supplied on the disc. The binatone website doesn't have any latest.

A friend has the newer three light modem and has no problems.......

Seriously considering moving to a router........
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Binatone modem -2 lights

Do your motherboards have a monitor program that shows you the state of various voltages? Could you watch these as you connect and disconnect? Presumably looking at the +5V level?
Don't know if that would monitor USB or not - it's a wild guess!
(On my old board it's called Winbond HW Doctor)