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Binatone Modem, XP on 2 PC's and sharing


Binatone Modem, XP on 2 PC's and sharing

I have 2 PC's, both running XP Home.

I have the Plusnet Binatone modem which sets up a 2nd LAN connection on the first PC

When i install Norton Firewall 2004 on each PC, i cannot access the internet from the 2nd PC (the one without the modem directly connected)

Noneof the LAN 'connectoids' has XP's internal firewall set up.

Which LAN connection on the1st PC needs to be shared ... LAN fo rthe internal network, or LAN for the Binatone modem? Or none?

What firewall IP addresses need to be configured in NortonHuh

I have PC 1 set up as and PC 2 set up as, bith have the usual 255.255... sub

I can access local files between each PC when Norton Firewall 2004 is installed, but i simply cannot access the internet form the 2nd PC

The modem seems to set itself up so that the internet connection is done via a LAN/Router type of connection, even though it's USB

Can anyone help ... i am absolutely tearing my hair out here, and have no idea where to turn or what to do next!

Without Norton Firewall, i can share the internet connection with no issues, it's only when the firewall is installed that i get problems.

I really need to know what IP's to open up in Norotn at a guess ... Huh


Binatone Modem, XP on 2 PC's and sharing

Just a suggestion

Specify the default gateway on PC2 as the IP address of PC1 and in PC1 specify the default gateway as IP address given to your by Plusnet. on the network connection. For the USB conection leave it as server assigned.