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Binatone ADSL500


Binatone ADSL500

I was trawling the net looking to see if there were any updated drivers for the binatone modem and I came across this link for a document

I know +net and force9 are related companies.

Does this mean the modem is an upgraded model or is it down to the drivers?

I checked on binatone's website but as far as that says my model (which i got in september 2003) is the current one.
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Plusnet Staff
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Binatone ADSL500

There are 2 different versions of the Binatone modem. The original has 2 lights on the front and the new one 3 lights.

The main difference is the way they are installed, the original one uses dial-up networking to make the connection, whereas the new one acts like a network device and doesn't use dial-up networking.
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Binatone ADSL500

You can get the latest drivers from:


The New version folder refers to the 3 light modem.