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Binatone ADSL500 synch problems


Binatone ADSL500 synch problems

First the good news.

Signed up to Broadband Easystart package before Xmas. Was up and running with my Binatone ADSL500 usb modem within two weeks of applying online. Well done Plusnet for the prompt and efficient service!!.

Now to the bad news.

Quite often the modem fails to synchronise (red arrows in system tray instead of green). The only way I can get it to synchronise is to un-install the modem and re-install from the CD. I must have done this process over a dozen times in the last couple of months!!.

Not all the time but More often than not, when it fails to synchronise if i look at the modem configuration the modulation type has changed from G.DMT to G.LITE

This may sound bizare but this synchronisation failure appears to happen after I install any other software on my machine ?!

I am running Windows 98 SE. Should I upgrade to Windows XP sp1?. The modem is meant to be supported under win98 SE.

Has anybody else experienced this problem or can anybody shed any light on the situation ?.
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Binatone ADSL500 synch problems

I had a similar problem but with xp, solved by reinstalled os thoSad

Binatone ADSL500 synch problems

You could have a configuration error in the registry that "pops" up when you make software changes.
Try this:
Check for any "unknown" devices in Device manager and if there is, remove them. Unistall the modem. Start in safe mode and in device manager remove the modem (maybe under USB tab, may not be present) and any unknown devices. Restart in normal mode and reinstall the modem drivers.
If you have a VIA chipset, update the chipset drivers to the latest Hyperion 4 in 1 drivers before installing the modem.

You could go into the registry and correct any issues, but I would advise against it unless you have an idea of what you are doing. The above should do.

Binatone ADSL500 synch problems

I've already tried wiping the hard disk clean and re-installing the OS but the problem didn't go away.

I have an Intel chipset not VIA. Should I update the drivers still?

I don't have any unknown devices in the device manager.

On top of all this I keep getting disconnected as well !!. sometimes my connection lasts a few hours othertimes a few minutes.

I'm starting to think i should cut my losses with this modem and invest in a better quality one.

Any lasts resort before I get my cheque book out?Huh

Binatone ADSL500 synch problems

Last resort before looking at another modem:-
Your problem does not appear to be software related, just a coincidence.
Your USB port may not have enough power to run the modem consistently.
Unplug any other USB devices and try again.
If the problem is a power supply one, it can be just as cost effective to follow the route suggested below than getting a new PSU or a powered USB hub.

If you do look for another modem, I would not go for a USB modem but a 4 port modem router such as the Dlink 504 or similar. There are models from Netgear, Belkin, Linksys. USR and many others. You will need a LAN card in your PC for this but it will cure any USB problems and give you a true always on as well as easy upgrade route if you get more PC's or an XBox.
As with USB modems, you get what you pay for.

Binatone ADSL500 synch problems

I think i've made my mind up. A seperate ADSL router and LAN card seems like the way forward. Looking at other posts in this topic it seems like the Binatone Modem supplied by Plusnet is causing a lot of Grief to many people.

Thanks for all your advice

Binatone ADSL500 synch problems

It's not just the Binatone USB modem, it's USB modems in general that can cause lots of problems.

Binatone USB modem

I've had a Binatone USB 500 installed on my 3 year old PC that runs XP Pro, for nearly 3 months and I can assure everyone that it runs like clockwork.

The only thing is that the Binatone modem does not run off the USB ports built into the motherboard, but off a Belkin USB 2.0 PCI card.

Perhaps I have beeen lucky or it could be that 18 year of PC support helps, but I hardly ever have any problems with USB devices, and I install 100s.

So , my advice is that before you replace anything and waste lots of money, you invest on a good quality PCI card. They cost far less than modems/routers.

Binatone ADSL500 synch problems

USB2.0 does have less issues than USB1.0 & 1.1
The old VIA chipsets did not support USB1.1 very well. Intel Chipsets should support USB1.1 well. SIS chipsets are questionable.
USB1.1 suffered more from power supply issues.
So, replacing the USB1.1 on your MoBo with a reputable USB2 card is better than taking a guess with a powered hub. Although I would still say it is not as good a choice as an ethernet modem router for future proofing and security.

Binatone ADSL500 synch problems

Fingers crossed! I appear to have solved the problem. Cheesy

No more failed sync's and my connection has been stable for the last 72 hours and still going. This is a record, Before this it was maybe 4 or 5 hours max before I got disconnected.

In my case the solution was to upgrade From Win98SE to Windows XP Pro SP1 and install a PCI USB2.0 card.

Thanks to everyone tried to help me. Much appreciated