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Binatone ADSL500 on Windows 98.. crash happy.


Binatone ADSL500 on Windows 98.. crash happy.

I'm having an odd sort of problem. When I first installed my binatone 500 on my win98 box a couple of weeks ago, all was fine, and it went on its way without complaint.. Recently, I had to reinstall the OS for various reasons, and now, after I reinstalled the modem drivers, the system become unstable, and more often than not refuses to start up (seems to be when it synchs up the modem that it sometimes ffalls over, I think. Not sure exactly.)
System stability is also dreadful and 5 crashes in 2 hours means there's definitely a serious problem somewhere along the line. (1Ghz Duron, 384mb ram, 98SE, all proper drivers installed).

It didnt do this with an identical system previously.. what's this sound like?