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Binatone 500 (3 lights) ADSL USB Modem

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Binatone 500 (3 lights) ADSL USB Modem

I tried to summarise the recent help given on this modem as mine works fine. (so far...!)
Anyone can feel free to correct or disageee with this and moderators can remove it if it is misleading or confusing!

Suggestions for installation of:
Binatone 500 (3 lights) ADSL USB Modem (March 2004)
( If following the Binatone booklet V1.00 - START ON P.6!)

A) Before First Attempt at Installing:
1. Do not plug into the computer's USB socket.
2. Set IE6 Tools/Internet Options/Security to medium or lower
3. Set IE6 Tools/Internet Options/Connections to "Never dial a connection" and Settings... to check "Every visit to the page"
4. It is probably a good idea to turn off firewall and anti-virus software.
5. Connect phone line to modem and directly - or by using a single extension lead with no filters or splitters - to the main wall socket. You will probably need to use a filter (small socket) to make it fit. (See other info on filters if you cannot connect directly) You can reconfigure and add phones once you have made a successful first connection. Do not yet plug into the USB port on the computer.

B) First Attempt:
1. Run the installation CD which will tell you when to connect the plug into the computer's USB port.
2. The CD installs Binatone USB drivers. These and a Binatone network adaptor and protocol will be visible (later) in your system settings. There will be no Binatone entry under Modems.
3. A Binatone internet shortcut is placed on the desktop and the install program finishes.
4. After about 10 secs you should see 2 steady lights on the modem.
5. (Double) click the Binatone shortcut on the desktop. (computer should NOT attempt to use an old modem)
6. A blue IE6 settings page should appear and there will be a wait before the modems settings appear.
7. Check them, enter your username as, your password and and select "Always On".
8. Click on "Save Settings" and wait about 2 minutes.
9. Surf*. There is no dialing noise. Every time you start your computer the connection will be established. There are no settings to play with besides connect/disconnect (eg when installing other software) and manual connect/always on .
10. *Re-establish firewall and anti-virus software.
11. Add filters to the branches going to telephones.

C) Once ADSL is running:
1. If you wish to use an old 56k dialup modem, you need to disconnect ADSL in the Binatone settings page and change the "Never dial a connection" setting in IE6
2. Be aware that PlusNet's Speed Tester will give your speed under ideal conditions while sites such as will give more realistic "World Surfing" speed.
3. If setting the MTU (search the Forum?) it seems that the modem, or software, limits this to a maximum of 1472
4. Programs such as security patches may reset your IE6 Security settings making the Binatone Setup page inaccessble.

D) Troubleshooting:
1. Don't smash the modem if you are paying for it monthly as it belongs to PlusNet!
2. 90% of problems are with system configuration but their obscurity can make them hard to trace. Stay cool. Search the Forums. Ask for advice.
3. If the Binatone desktop shortcut does not work try refreshing the page and/or clearing your cache. Try entering in a new browser window. And in Trusted Sites Zone in IE6 Security.
4. The modem line should only pass through a total of one filter (using the small socket) on it's way to the main socket. Substitute your spare filter for one you are using.
5. has a huge amount of USB info. Note: for it's outdated MS links just use the "Q" number. Drivers for new and old systems (but if you have kept your computer updated these are unlikely to helpWink VIA chips; socket power rating; ACPI; are covered.
6. PlusNet tutorials include: - Filters - Troubleshooting
7. If your system still tries to dialout using dialup instead of ADSL you could try temporarily dragging all DUN's (eg connectoids to previous ISP accounts) from Dialup Networking out in to a temporary folder. (note down passwords)
8. After plugging or unplugging USB connections wait about 20 seconds before your next action.
9. This link (not PlusNet) summarises installation:
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Binatone 500 (3 lights) ADSL USB Modem

May be useful to some so I have moved it to the ADSL section where I feel it should belong.

Binatone 500 (3 lights) ADSL USB Modem

That is very interesting. Before I downloaded some windows update I did not have i.e.6. It installed i.e.6 and using windows 98 ist edition i found I could install the binatone modem like you said. In fact i did click never dial a connection after reading it in the forums here when others had problems with it trying to dial up. It should help those who are still having problems.
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