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Binaton ADSL500 question Newbie to ADSL


Binaton ADSL500 question Newbie to ADSL

EDIT: 5/7/4, solved problem, left below on as it may make some of you smile!

Source of problem - Wife, not fully understanding principle of always on connection, when she was finished on the internet she has been clicking on computer screens near clock and not finding an option to disconnect is clicking disable, bless.


Hi, first off, modem worked first time, have good download speed and access speed. very impressed as unusually for PC installation everything worked first time only took as long as it took to get out of box and install.

Have one query, occasionally when i switch on the computer the modem light flashes and eventually sync's OK. however sometimes the network connection disables itself?? if i go to network connections and enable the connection all works OK. Anyone had this problem or have any ideas what could cause this??

I have done the obvious and run upto date virus check (norton), spyware checker (Ad-Aware).

Not much of a problem just annoying.

Any advice greatly appreciated.