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Beware: "fixed" IP address changed following regra


Beware: "fixed" IP address changed following regra

I've been using a fixed IP address since I joined +Net back in August. It was even a nice, easily-remembered address too!

However, following the upgrade to the 1Mb service earlier today, and following a reboot of my router, I could no longer connect.

After a bit of fiddling around, I finally changed my router setup to use a dynamic IP and, hey presto, connected.

Yes, my "fixed" IP had changed :roll: I don't stand a chance of remembering my new one Sad

If any of you are having problems connecting after your regrade, this is probably the first thing to check.

Be warned :?
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Beware: "fixed" IP address changed following regra

Would have thought they wouldn't have changed the IP. When I went from 56k lite user[requested static IP then] through heavy and finally DSL it never changed.

Wonder why the change, so which CS has got the short straw this morning and is doing the night shift :/
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Beware: "fixed" IP address changed following regra

It's my guess that it happened because I changed my package from ADSL Home Surf 500 to ADSL Home 1MB.

From the text in my "contact us" ticket, it sounds like Home Surf accounts have their own pool of fixed IP addresses. Changing to an account which no longer has the restrictions imposed by the -Surf-type account looks like it picks its IPs from a different pool.

Any +Net staff care to confirm/deny this?

Beware: "fixed" IP address changed following regra

That is true.

The Home-surf products have there own pool. This is to facilitate the blocking of specific services arrising from traffic within that pool. IE p2p and USENET.
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Beware: "fixed" IP address changed following regra


We have a specific pool of IP's for the Home Surf accounts. It make's it easier to manage the port blocking on this type of account by having all the IP's together rather than spread them around our ranges at random.

If you are using your IP address to connect to externally you could use instead, as this will resolve to your IP address.