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Best bittorrent client


Best bittorrent client

Hi I was just wondering if anybody could tell me what the best bittorrent client is to use with plusnet? As I've just upgraded from BB+, after less than two weeks off joining plusnet because of the p2p problem.

I've been reading some of the posts on this forum and most seem to be getting constant download speed of over 100k/s on the 2 mega premier package :shock:!!!!

At the moment I getting constant speed of about 45 k/s although it has gone higher than that.

So any advice you can give on how to get the best performance out of bittorrent

Best bittorrent client

Downloading from usenet is much faster Wink

Best bittorrent client

ABC + Forward your ports!
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Best bittorrent client

Azureus, and as well as forwarding your port (Azureus only uses one),
don't use port 6881;
choose a high numbered port, such as 48763,
or any random number between 33000 and 64000.

Some ISPs, and therefore, some BitTorrent sites, block the obvious port numbers.

My own advise, which you can choose to ignore, is not to download too many torrents simultaneously.

Best bittorrent client

My advice is to download several files simultaneously.

I use BitLord, I can't say it's the best, only that it's easy to configure.

Best bittorrent client

use Azureus it has way more feature than rest and its stable !

or secondf choice is ABC it has the best seed function but can't handle fast speeds like the ones we get when we go adsl2.

abc is simple and easy to use !

in Azureus remember to switch off genral seed fuction if you are in closed share group or you will seed out side group and they will get very upset !!! Cheesy