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Best Modem Voyger or Speedtouch


Best Modem Voyger or Speedtouch


Could someone tell me what's the best adsl Modem. BT Voyger 105 or Speedtouch 330.


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Best Modem Voyger or Speedtouch

I use a Voyager 105 myself & have had no problems to date. A mate of mine uses a Speedtouch and is on his 2nd one as the first packed in. BT products are quite reliable in my experience which is why i chose the 105.
Not wishing to put you off modems but from what i read on the forums you would probably be better off with a router as they have a built in firewall etc.

I have been using

a bog standard Binatone for nearly 2 years without any problem. Working from home I'm on the internet 10-12 hours a day.

During the past 2 days I bought a nearly new Zoom for £ 5.70 and a Speedtouch 330 for £ 3.50 on Ebay. They both work perfectly.

You can also buy the excellent Fujitsu FDX340 for £7.50, on Ebay.

All these modems are very often made by the same people in the Far East and they are almost equivalent. I wouldn't advise anyone to spend lots of money.

Best Modem Voyger or Speedtouch

I don't really think there is much difference, one modem to another.

I've had the PlusNet supplied Binatone ADSL-500 USB modem for 18 months and it works perfectly well (currently on 288/576kbps up/down speed).

The Binatone ADSL-500 USB modem is available directly from Binatone for just £20 + £6 p&p not sure whether that includes the required filter(s) though? There appears to be a newer version ADSL-504 in black.

Routers are really only neccessary if you want to connect more than one PC - that's stating the obvious really - that's what routers are for. For single PCs, modems are fine. As regards firewalls - just download and run the free ZoneAlarm personal firewall on to all your PCs and you'll be fine.