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Belkin 7633 VPN problem

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Registered: 31-07-2007

Belkin 7633 VPN problem

In an effort to improve my sync speed and stability I borrowed a Belkin 7633 from a family member. Right off the bat it was able to sync higher than my Linksys WAG54G and it held sync overnight which the Linksys never does.

So, I was thinking I'd got a result here. However, it seems to have a problem holding a VPN connection. The connection is just a standard Windows PPTP connection. It authenticates and registers fine and works for a couple of minutes after which the icon showing the connection disappears and it's gone.

If I connect and set a continuous ping to a machine on the VPN running the connection stays up. So, I figure the Belkin doesn't like the connection to be idle but I can't find any settings relating to VPN that might affect this.

Bizarrely, another PPTP VPN connection to a different site stays up fine and does not need a continuous ping. I have compared the properties of both VPNs and they look the same to me.

The Belkin is running the original firmware 1.00.000 and I'm aware that there is 1.00.011 available on the Belkin website. Since it's not my router I can't take the liberty of doing the upgrade and the Belkin site doesn't say what it fixes.

Googling gives no useful results, disabling the firewall makes no odds either. I've got to give this router back tonight and will be disappointed if I can't resolve this since the Belkin syncs well enough to give me a 3Mb connection.

Any pointers much appreciated.