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When my dad downloads on our other computer my web pages come to a crawl and also my downloads, is there any way i can share this bandwidth between the computers in my home?

Just a thought.

Thanks Smiley


You are sharing the bandwidth allready.

There are a few things to understand about how the internet and traffic flow works.

In simple terms, traffic is issued on a first come first served basis.

When your dad is downloading, he is saturating (using it to the fullest) the ADSL line. When you attempt to make connections, this traffic has to fight its way through the rest, as does the reply.

This can make your connections apear slow.

However, if you where to start a long download whilst your dad has one in use, then you will likely find that over the period of a few mins, your dads will slow down, and your download will speed up.

Depending on the download locations, you will find that the speeds should balance out evenly (or near enough).

If your download location is faster, or closer in terms of network distance and speed, then you will find that your download may end up faster that your dads.

Small short connections from your system will hardly dent the speed of your dads download. Sustained connections (you making a download) will slowly increase.