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Bandwidth monitoring software


Bandwidth monitoring software


I'm looking for some recommendations on software to keep track of the traffic on my machine. I know I can look at the statistics in the "Connection Settings" page of the portal, but I'd like some way of automating the following process:

1. Alert me that I've used 120GiB of bandwidth thus far

2. Throttle my up and downstream for the rest of the month, ensuring I don't exceed 140GiB.

I used a trial version of DU Meter which had the option of a notification, but I don't recall any throttling features.

Edit: I'm using Windows XP, but I'm willing to switch to any operating system that uses less bandwidth.

Bandwidth monitoring software

the operating system its self does not use any bandwidth (exept for patches)

and you could try a tool from languard , cant remeber its name though