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Bad pings and very slow


Bad pings and very slow

Is anyone getting problems with speed it seems slow,

my ping when playing on a certain game server located in Italy use to ping at 76ms but over past 2 weeks it's jumped to 260ms almost as bad as a 56k modem.

And when about 15 ppl join it goes up even further.


RE: Bad pings and very slow

I have had problems with a server in Italy, pinging over 100, if ok on other servers problem at far end not with plusnet.
The good thing about Italian servers is after about 30 mins they either all give up or change sides Wink
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RE: Bad pings and very slow

Hi Jason,

Have you tried performing a traceroute to the relevant server?

IS this problem affecting all of the sites you use all of the time, or is it intermittant?


Ian Wild
PlusNet Customer Support