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Bad connection tonight 21/12/2004 suggestion.


Bad connection tonight 21/12/2004 suggestion.

Hi guys. My internet connection seems to be dropping every now and then.
Tracert to anywhere shows that first hop always timesout as such:

1 * * * Request timed out.
2 18 ms 17 ms 17 ms []
3 17 ms 17 ms 18 ms []
4 19 ms 20 ms 20 ms []
5 24 ms 25 ms 25 ms []

Last night i updated my routers firmware and it seemed fine, i ahve ddisabled firewall to no avail.

Anyone else having similar. Oh one last thing Steam (HL2) will only list about 200 servers no matter what the rest of my connection is like, fully working or dropped out for a bit.

Thanks in advance.
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Bad connection tonight 21/12/2004 suggestion.

Your first hop is your router and it is most certainly timing out because your router is not accepting/responding to ICMP packets (pings). This is fine, although you could probably change the settings in your router to accept ICMP if you wish. So, that first hop is nothing to worry about really.

Your pings look fine. If your internet connection is dropping, it might be something like a dodgy filter somewhere or something on the line interfering with the ADSL signal. Make sure everything on the line is filtered so that this does not happen. Have a look at this tutorial.

Does your line stay in synch when this happens, or does it lose synch every time. This would point to either a local problem with your configuration or an exchange issue.

I hope I have understood your problem, and that this helps a bit.

matt Wink

Bad connection tonight 21/12/2004 suggestion.

It was a very helpful reply thank you.
I don't think it was loosing synch, I shal see how my connection performs later today and keep my eye on it. One thing I will try is recently i DMZ'd a none existent computer to stealth my ports. I shall see if disabaling this improves my system, also I will perform the checks you suggested.

Bad connection tonight 21/12/2004 suggestion.

Carlsav, could you pl. explain 'Tracert'. I also get frequent line dropping and would be interested to obtail the data you quote and be able to log the number of drops I am getting.
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Bad connection tonight 21/12/2004 suggestion.

To use the tracert command do the following.
In Win98 / ME click on the dos promp and open a dos box.

If in XP Click on Run
Type in cmd (this will bring up a dos box)

In the dos Box

Type tracert This will do a trace to the bbc website.

You can of course use whatever site you want to trace to.

Hope this helps you