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Bad 56k connection pre-activation


Bad 56k connection pre-activation

Hi everyone, this is just a quick query about my current 56k connection - its very, very slow tonight.

I'm awaiting activation for the 512k EasyStart package (ordered last Thursday) and my exisiting Freeserve dial-up account is really terrible tonight. Its connecting at the same speeds it always has, but there's connection errors popping up all over the place (well over a thousand on one occassion) and most pasges aren't loading.

My ADSL is not supposed to be activated until Saturday (according to the ADSL tracker gadget), so is this interferrance caused by BT testing my line?

Just curious Wink

Thanks in advance.

Bad 56k connection pre-activation

No. Please see the link:service status page on this site.

There are currently Major service issues affecting a very large portion of ISPs in the UK, which they have no control over.