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Back @ atlast


Back @ atlast

PlusNet whatever you keep doing it is giving me invalid user name and password.

The 2 min work you done this afternoon effected me more than 1 hour.

I eventually had to leave my PC (cache flushed out)
switched off along with the modem for over an hour to get back on.

It's like a beta testing ISP on here sometimes,
you'd never know you were 5 years old.
it works.. now it doesn't work etc..

I'd like to think the work will be completed on Wednesday after the dsl realm is fixed, but i know it won't. there is more to come...
been here for two years.. and have seen all this beofore.

You're a great ISP in respect to prices, services - huge 250mb webspace and PHP, Perl, Cgi, domains, complete control over everything like subdomains, accounts, messaging, SQL and support (if they answer my ticket) - just about everything a technology freek like myself loves thats why i stayed here so long with you, but you have to admit, you have connection issues atlest once a week.. and this lets you down. even if you do post advanced notices. People DO need their connections to work at the times they want, thats why they pay £23.99 a month.. even if this is cheaper than most other companies, it has to be realiable 24.7 to be compared better.

RE: Back @ atlast

BTW everyone who posts to replies,
hightlight the previous posters TXT using and holding down the LEFT mouse button run over the TXT till it's all BLUE. then hit the BACKSPACE button to delete, it keeps this board better. and only takes 2 secs to do before you reply to a post.

I have tried Dr TCP it made to diff to my speeds set @ 1458 from the previous 1500 setting.

Broadband Speed Test Results

Results from your most recent broadband speed test recorded on 12 November 2002 at 16:15:19.

Your Connection

Direction Actual Speed True Speed
Downstream 464 Kbps (58.0 KB/sec) 533 Kbps (inc. overheads)
Upstream 244 Kbps (30.5 KB/sec) 280 Kbps (inc. overheads)

I can't any faster than this... which im NOT complaining of.

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RE: Back @ atlast

I agree the web portal rocks and you have control over domains and stuff plus their MySQL database is quick but the connection issue really lets them down in a big way.