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Sorry to keep pushing this but we need it sorted!

>May be a setting issue. Give it another try. Also >check out our support paghes on ADSL setup on the >technical support section of the portal.

Seriously we have tried everything, I rang the support line yesterday and they said they would 'check it out' but I've not heard anything yet, the modem still switches randomly between 'connected' 'auth. fail' and 'LCP no responce' and even when we are connected we can't do anything or visit any web pages etc.. the tracker thing is STILL on the BT stage and nothing seems to be happening about it! Cummon guys were fast approaching 3 weeks here. Can somebody PLEASE check this out, find out whats wrong and give us a ring about it sometime this afternoon, I'm don't really want to sit in another half hour que for your tech support line. Cheers anyway.