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BTs fault (yawn)

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Registered: 23-05-2007

BTs fault (yawn)

> Currently BT’s HomeGateway is supporting just 55% of its designed capacity for concurrent connections, leading to symptoms such as ‘packet loss’ and unresponsive connectivity for some users.

Having probably dealt with BT as long as I have as a consumer, why do plusnet continue to be struck by BTs inadequacies.

Whenever I deal with BT, I assume that they will ***** something up or more likely - just forget to do it, so I call them every few hours prior to work being done.

We all know that BT are rubbish, but a good company would know that and make provisions for it.

If they tell you that a gateway is good for 1000 customers, assume it means 500 (which appears to be the case here).

If they tell you a week, assume two weeks.

If they tell you £100, assume it will be £200.

For goodness sake plusnet - its your problem - sort it out.