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BT tracker and activation day...


BT tracker and activation day...

Hi it's supposed to be my activation day today (22/8/04- after 12pm) and I was wondering if it actually would take place on a Sunday? Also I heard that you can get a code to type into the BT website to find out when you actually will be activated, if this is true could you tell me how to find the code and also the website.
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BT tracker and activation day...

Yes, activations do occur at weekends.

Can't help with the code, you need to raise a contact us ticket to get this, but I would wait and see if you do actually get activated as it can occur at anytime during the day.

Do you have your ADSL equipment already. If so, plug it into the phone line and see if it syncs. If it does not, ADSL is not activated yuet and you need to wait. If it does, configure your login details and see if it works. PlusNet have an automated activation system so keep trying for a few hours after you get sync. If you still don't get a connection but still gett sybc, ring support and they will activate you manually.

BT tracker and activation day...

I don't understand what you mean by "sync". The "DSL" light flickers and then turns on properly on the router (Binatone ADSL 2100). The reason I have not tried to log in is the fact that in some documentation I have it states:

"If you already have ADSL hardware, you will not be able to connect with us until you recieve our confirmation e-mail,even if the hardware appears to be active. Please note however that, in order to get you up and running as quickly as possible after BT activate your line, we will start your Plusnet service within an hour of your first attempted login with your username and password. You should be aware that should you attempt to log in to the service before our official notification that the service is active, subscribtion payment may be taken prior to actual ADSL service activation"

I would be very pleased if you could clear this up for me.

BT tracker and activation day...

Your dsl light will flash until it syncs with the exchange.

As you say your light flashes then stays solid its a good bet that your activation has occured.

As said before, try Peters suggestion and try and log into plusnets systems.

bt does work sundays !

Hi Guys,

My line was activated this morning, this was after a phone call from plusnet yesterday saying that BT had stopped work on the exchange with no further info on when they would complete !!

+net said they would do their best and they sure did Cheesy

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BT tracker and activation day...

cool... it's great aint it!