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BT offer automatic ADSL transfer when moving house?


BT offer automatic ADSL transfer when moving house?

I'm moving house at the end of the month and called BT today to inform them of the changes, and they have organised transferring my current number over.
However, they then asked if I had broadband and who it was with, looked it up and told me Plusnet are part of a scheme to get the ADSL transferred straight away and activated automatically at the new premises within 24 hours. They said all I needed to do was inform Plusnet of the change in address for billing purposes!
I've never heard of this before, and am a bit suspicious, especially given I'm now LLU'd - but it would be wonderful if it were true.
Can anyone tell me more?

BT offer automatic ADSL transfer when moving house?

Hi there,

I think you are right to be suspicious.

PlusNet do offer the sim process (simultaneous provide) but someone is telling porkies with the 24 hour bit.

The sim process is anything but "straight away" and most of the delays are down to BT.

On virtually every occasion recently which I have seen, BT Retail have given incorrect and misleading information regarding the sim process. This one appears to be no different.

What BT Retail seem to forget is that the customer must make the first move in the process via their ISP. The ISP issues the customer with a GQT code. This is then given to BT Retail who issue another code which is passed back to the ISP and the combined PSTN and ADSL Delivery is underway.

There are 3 players (excluding the customer) involved in this process. The ISP, BT Retail and BT Wholesale. At best the process takes 7 days. 24 hours is absolutely mythical and virtually impossible.

If a customer is keeping the same number the process is more complicated and drawn. If a new number is in play, then it can be less problematic.

In the case of an LLU provided adsl connection, then I reckon that its time to ensure a good supply of Valium. Sad

Seriously though, I havent seen a sim process arise where an LLU connection is part of the equation.

I'll ask the necessary questions on this one and see what the score is.

BT offer automatic ADSL transfer when moving house?

Thanks Mark, that is a very complete answer! I really appreciate your help, I'm eager to get it clear. People on here seem to be having a real problem moving their connection at the moment and I couldn't believe it would be that easy!

I assume it will require a reconnection/activation fee then?

BT offer automatic ADSL transfer when moving house?

I assume it will require a reconnection/activation fee then?

At this point I honestly dont know.

I will try to find out tomorrow ( or later today Smiley ) and update the thread when I have the info.

I have done the same

I rang up BT today and told them I'm moving house next Friday and they arranged for the automatic transfer as well.

They have given me a reference number to give to Plus Net but I cant find anywhere to input it on the website and when I ring u I spend ages getting lost going round and round the automated system.

Any ideas on how to get in touch with a human being?

BT offer automatic ADSL transfer when moving house?

Hi there.

Currently the Portal doesnt provide a tool for dealing with your issue which is known as a simultaneous provide, however this is a feature which PlusNet should offer in the near future.

To acheive what you want, there is a procedure to follow and it is reasonably straight forward. This is currently a manual process.

In the first instance you need to visit the Help & Support area of the portal and raise a query via Customer Services and Billing, requesting the simultaneous provide.

PlusNet will give you what is known as a GQT code which you then need to pass to BT at the time of ordering the new telephone service. BT in turn will give you a new code.

Here is the Plusnet official info on this, which will be made available to you when you raise the query.

In order to reprovide the service at your new address as quickly as possible, you will need to quote the following code to BT Retail (0800 800 150) when ordering your "combined PSTN and ADSL delivery":GQT.

Please ensure BT have our code & that we have BT's asap.

With this, BT will be expecting an order for ADSL to follow from us.

Please note the charge for reproviding your ADSL at your new address is £52.88. You can choose to opt for this fee to be deferred if you wish. This means that the house move will be free & you will only pay if you leave us.

Please check that you have active credit/debit card details in order to take either the full reprovide fee or the £5.88 admin fee.

You can update these details by going to our website:

Member centre > Account Details > Payment Details section of the Portal. Please note we cannot take this one-off fee via Direct Debit.

Please get back to us and reply to this ticket stating the following information:

* BT's reference number for the order (should be in the format ABC123DE)

* Your new full address including complete postcode,

* Your new phone number if known,

* The date you'd like the service delivered,

(7 days is the minimum notice)

In this instance and like many others,BT seem to have gotten the procedure slightly mixed up, and have missed the vital first step.

I hope this is of some help to you and wish you a speedy and successful reprovide and move.

BT offer automatic ADSL transfer when moving house?

right i've made a right balls of this then. Smiley

Because I couldnt find where to put my code, I hoped that if I went through the normal process on the website there would be a space to put it in, as you know there isn't.

So I rang up the call centre and eventually found a path to a human being who told me that its too late for a SIM and that it'll be 7 or more days from I move house for my internet to move, and that I may or may not have to pay for that downtime.

So at the minute I've got a BT order with is due to move my current number to my new house on Friday and and internet cancellation which will start on Monday according to the website.

Should I leave it as is or can i fix it?

Also I put the current phone number of my new house in the form when filling it in on this site but I am taking my current number with me so will that effect it at all?

Sorry to be a pain, but the guy on the phone wasnt much help

BT offer automatic ADSL transfer when moving house?

Hi all
7 day activation would be great! I told BT and Plusnet on 16th July that I was moving house (not keeping my number) on 25th July. I still don't have broadband and Plusnet have not bothered to give any update for over a week now.
Rest assured that the Plusnet accounts dept is on the ball though, they are still taking money from my bank account!!!!

Good luck.