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BT line crackles


BT line crackles

It seems ever since i migrated to plus net from ndo 512k to plus net prem 2mb i get a crackling on bt phone line while using phone. I have tryed new filters new phone, no difference. If i plug the phone straight into bt socket it sounds the same with or without filter. Which this makes it sound like filter problem, but as i have bought new, no difference. I have had my line checked with bt no faults found. Please help :roll: :roll: :roll:
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BT line crackles

Is the crackling present when your ADSL equipment is unplugged? If not then that is causing the problem. However I don't know of a solution to this one.

Is it present with all phones, faxes, modems and ADSL equipment disconnected and a single phone plugged into the master socket - use a normal phone, not a digital DECT one. Also try connected to the test socket behind the user removable lower section of the master socket.

Note: to hear any noise better just pick up the phone and dial 1, it should then remove any dialtone.

If you still hear crackling then raise a voice fault with BT.

BT line crackles

Unplug your ADSL modem and then plug a wired telephone (do not use a cordless) into the inner test socket of your master socket.

This is located behind the front portion, and accessable by removing the 2 screws. Be careful no to dislodge any wires as you pull it forward.

They are pretty tough, but they aint elastic either, so just don't strain them. Ddoesn't matter too much, just saves the hastle of reconnecting, which isn't as easy as you think, without the proper tool (you can damage the connector, meaning the wires will slip out easily).

Lift the handset of the phone and dial "1". This will allow the line to go quiet.

Hold the secrecy button on your phone (if it has one, and it allows you to listen in on the line, but cut your mic).

Listen to the line for the crackle.

If you continue to hear it, it is most definatly a line fault and not something PlusNet have have repaired. Although the upgrade may have cause it, the fault is in the voice portion and any ADSL related fault cause by it, would most likely be fixed when the voice fault is fixed.

Report the fault to BT via the website.

Reporting the fault via the phone can be a real pain in the rear. Operators will often refuse to listen to your exlanation, resorting to the test results on the screen as a misguided "no fault found".

DO NOT note anything about your ADSL connection in the fault report, as it is only likely to be misread by any BT bods, and refered back to you as something for your ISP to report.

Those people that need to know you have ADSL, will have the information available to them when looking up your line details internaly.

BT line crackles

i have unplugged everything except the normal phone still no difference. The BT master socket is not the original so you can not remove the half of the front. You remove the whole plastic panel from the wall. :roll:
BT will not charge you if its a fault with there part of the line, but they will charge you a fee of £74.99 if its not Cry

BT line crackles

Bt came to check for fault today on line. Which was found to be 150m away from the house. they ended up rewiring from exchange to the junction box at the end of the street. My broadband even seems quicker :lol: thanks for your help Cheesy
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BT line crackles

Very nice!!!! Cheesy

Congrats! Cool