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BT connection product - BT haven't heard of it!


BT connection product - BT haven't heard of it!

In order to join Plusnet from BT broadband, I understand I need a MAC key and a BT connection product. BT have given me the MAC key but 4 different people at BT have not heard of a BT connection product and I have spent an hour and a half on hold. Does anyone know how I get hold of this?

BT connection product - BT haven't heard of it!

Who told you that you need a BT connection product? You only require a MAC key from BT to migrate. Do you mean which BT product you on? Which is required when you use the PN migrate tool. If so you will find this on you BT telephone bill. It will be something like IPStream2000.

BT connection product

Thanks for your reply.

I was asked for this as part of the online sign-up process for Plusnet - just after they asked me to type in the MAC key. I have just looked on my BT bill but there doesn't seem to be any reference to an IP Stream, though that is exactly what I am after. I haven't yet found my original papers sent to me by BT when I first signed up for their broadband service so perhaps it will be on there.

By the way what is a PN migrate tool?

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BT connection product - BT haven't heard of it!

By migrate tool they mean the details needed to migrate from another ISP whichyou enter into the signup page.

What is the name of your BT broadband product. With that we can probably tell you what you were on - or ring BT and ask what BT IPstream service you are on.