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BT availability checker

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BT availability checker

I have been with +net for over a year on 1 meg Home with no real problems.
With the promise of 2 meg upgrade coming my way (I hope) I looked at the BT availabilty checker and found that my phone number is rated up to 1 meg only. It says that my neighbours on either side are good for 2 megs! I live in a street of modern houses and we are less than 2 Km from the exchange.
Why would there be a difference between myself and my neighbours? I havnt got any line stats at the moment but get 960k on my 1 meg line most of the time.
With this coming ' maximum speed that line can sustain' how will we be able to judge whether our phone line has a fault and not delivering the full product? At the moment if I was getting 700k instead of 960k I would know there was a problem. On 2 meg service if my phone line has a fault would I be able to complain if I was still getting poor results or would +net turn round and say tuff... its the max speed that your line can sustain

BT availability checker

Ask PN in a ticket to perform a WOOSH (or WHOOSH, however its spelt) test on your line. This will give you your line stats. If your downstream attenuation is less than 43dB, you can expect a 2 meg connection.

BT availability checker

So, are the line upgrades completed using a proper line test that determines what the attainable rate is or do BT look at their own checker and go off that?

I hope it the former, as the BT checker states that I might need an engineer for 512k (what i'm on now) but my router stats suggest i'm OK for 1Mb (56dB att, 21dB) SNR


BT availability checker

It is meant to be the former... If you put a regrade through and it fails, you can get PN to do a test on your line to prove it is 1meg capable, and then ask them to put the regrade through manually.

BT availability checker

Cheers... fingers crossed then!


I asked plusnet to do a whoosh test and got the following results
Loop Cell Loss Count 22dB19
Loop Cell Loss Count 30.5dB20

Are these good or bad?

Reason I ask is that as far as I know my line has been upgraded, it was due to be done in April and my exchange is no longer listed on the PDF file. Despite this I still only have download speeds of 576 and up 288.

Thanks for any info