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BT and broardband limits


BT and broardband limits

Hi guys,

If u r like me u think that BT are going to casue a huge stir if they dare cap ADSL. In case u havn't seen it here is a post from Ian from Plusnet customer support. Hope it clarifies a few things.

Hi Guys,

Here is a posting I made yesterday in the ADSL forum about this very question...

There is some slightly twisted logic in these rumours. BT Openworld recently placed monthly restrictions on their unmetered accounts. This was no surprise, as the accounts they were offering up to that point were unsustainable. BT wholesale themselves are also offering "No Frills" ADSL now, which has a bandwidth cap of 1GB per day. BTOpenworld and other sectors of the BT group do not have any special deals and in some cases compete against each other.

IMHO there is little chance of BT adjusting their wholesale prices in the forseeable future for either ADSL or Unmetered ports. At PlusNet we have taken great care to build our accounts in a sustainable fashion, and as such we will be able to continue to offer our products without change (Apart from for the better of course!).


Ie - Any bandwidth limits imposed on BT ADSL products are imposed on those products - Not ours!


Ian Wild
PlusNet Customer Support

Date: 03/10/2002 15:18:14

RE: BT and broardband limits

I can't upstream!!.

I have noticed this, like someone is controlling the amount that goes up, then pauses then starts again, causing a server timeout,
then as for that and download capping
or useage i reckon people pay enough money £23.99 a month to use PlusNet, almost as much as my SKY Tv £35 subscription.. and they don't tell me how long i can watch SKY Tv for !!!!. Can you imagine paying £23.99 a month and being told you can't stay on for a length of time, of uploading or downloading etc... unless you pay even more money?!.. not going to happen!

If a person and company make an agreement to let use Internet services unlimted in the read contract before signing up in full, even if that contract is for a year. They reserve no right to start capping people.
the capping wasn't mentioned in the agreement i read over.
therefore it's void.

If BT are capping me, or going to cap me, i will simply join a cable company like Telewest, who run BlueYonder internet in my city. (Glasgow)
and i suggest the whole population of the UK do it too.
And lets see how smug greedy BT are when they have no more customers left, because of their constant greed for money.

I couldn't believe it when i read the BT Anytime £15.99 a month is now limited to only 5 hours a day. then after the 5 hours, customers have to start paying local call rate or wait until the next day. It's like the old days again, when i recall having £250 phone bills for internet use. PLUS you still had to pay for your ISP aswell. Then the laws got changed back in March 2000... thats when we got flat rate access.

Well i got rid of BT last year 2001, and as above if anyone has the chance of cable.. get rid of BT all together.

Been with PlusNet since October 2000,
but our PlusNet ADSL goes through a BT line doesn't it!!

They are conrolling the show (BT), they are greedy and will always be greedy for money..
cable is the only way to get rid of BT.

I'd really hate to leave PlusNet.. but if BT start this capping, if they are not already doing it,
then i'm off to cable!.

Sorry ... but not being told what i can do when i pay so much already!.