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BT Voyager 205 NON NAT

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Registered: 21-09-2007

BT Voyager 205 NON NAT

Has anyone tried to setup one of these BT Voyager 205 single port routers up with a PlusNet NON-NAT (4 ip) account?

I haven't had much luck with +net support on the subject, and although I do understand their attitude to a certain extent, which runs pretty much to "we provide you with the Ip's its up to you to get it working" it doesn't help me much. Smiley

I wasn't aware that Plusnet don't actually have any information or support on the products they supply, I knew they used to supply the Solwise and knew they had some information on setting that up for NON-NAT. But the Voyager seems beyond them in this situation.

So anyone else managed it? Or found docs or readme's or anything to point me in the right direction? I've tried pretty much all the obvious methods in the advanced config to get it working but its got me stumped Shockedops:

Thanks in advance Cheesy

BT Voyager 205 NON NAT

I've got one of the BT 205s with a single IP.

The 205 *appears* to be a rebranded Solwise 110 router. This router supports a very powerful command line interface (CLI) through which you should be able to do what you want. However, it is also possible to screwup the router badly - you have been warned Wink

I'm not that familiar with the CLI, so the best thing is to read the manuals. There are two very detailed manuals avaiable for the CLI - the most usueful one is the Reference Guide. A quick google should turn them up, otherwise drop me a mail.

Incidently, when you save a configuration file from the WebUI it sctaully creates a text based script which it issues to the CLI. Being text you can examine and edit this script which provides an easy way to make changes.