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BT Speedtester error


BT Speedtester error

Whenever I try to use the BT speedtester site (

I constantly get the following error:

"Unexpected result received when querying the network to find your services connection details. Please try again shortly, but if this problem persists raise the issue with your service provider."

I don't think I have ever managed to get that site to work...anyone else suffer from the same problem?
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BT Speedtester error

Yep its the same here at the moment so just give it a while and im sure it will be working later

Ive used this test many times before and its always worked well and been quite accurate

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BT Speedtester error

keep trying. It's quite tempremental.

The address your using was for the beta test tester. The completed one not in beta is at

When it works it's good but it shows errors quite frequently.

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BT Speedtester error

It's something that we've raised with BT that it doesn't work first time everytime (or even second, third, fourth, etc. in some cases). BT are still developing the speedtest further so hopefully we'll see improvements soon.