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BT Speed Test


BT Speed Test

Gotta be one of the worst service I have experienced. Tried it thirty times over many days and always 'busy'. God, you'd think this was a third world country.

Just now managed to get it working and then it asks for login name with my ISP. So I enter and various permutations of that and it keeps saying the following:

"The login name entered on this tool doesnt match that discovered by querying the network for your domain name. Please check your telephone number (or user name) and try again. If problem persists please contact your CP."

Can anyone help please?

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Registered: 15-06-2007

BT Speed Test

Are you using the new BT test page or the original one which was a tad flaky

You shouldnt have any problems with the test linked here and your login for the test should be

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BT Speed Test

We are aware of some issues with the new BT Speedtester when the service is busy in the evenings, but in the main it should be fairly stable these days.

Is has improved no end since the first iteration last year, but if you're still seeing problems 90% of the time then thats something we need to report back into BT.