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BT Speed Test.


BT Speed Test.


I'm trying to use the BT Speed Tester at:
but i can't get it to work for me. When i try, i get an error message
something like "...unable to find this webpage...please check you
have entered the correct URL..."

I'm using Windows 2000 with all patches todate with a Netgear
DG834 router.

After entering the Netgear settings, I enter "speedtest@speedtest_domain"
into the login field in the Basic Settings as per instructions (See below)
I then Shutdown and turn the router off, then i switch the router back on
and start the computer. When windows has loaded i start Opera and go to: to start the test, Thats when i get
the error message.

I have checked to see if the Login name is correct (With no password)
in the Netgear Settings and it is. I am not download/uploading at the
same time as doing the test and i shut down all background App's
& Tray Icons.

What am i doing wrong?

Instructions For Connecting to SpeedTester, copied from the site.

Disconnect your broadband service from your Service Provider completely by clicking 'disconnect' on your Internet connection window.

Connect to the Speedtester domain by entering speedtest@speedtest_domain in the userID field in your connection window, no password is required.

Once connected, start a web browser and enter the the speedtester URL to access the speedtester server.

You will then be presented with the "Speedtester home page" screen and you can perform a speed test.

The connection will disconnect automatically after a few minutes and you will need to reconnect to your normal service provider.

Click here to go back to the home page

Many Thanks.
Regards, Andrew.
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BT Speed Test.

Have you tried going to the IP address rather than the URL ?
ie put in the browser

BT Speed Test.

Hi junction31,

Thanks for your response.
I also found this:
in another thread, which explains the procedure.

Many Thanks.
Regards, Andrew.