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BT Reduces Migration Charges


BT Reduces Migration Charges

Just read a report on ADSLguide that BT is reducing the migration charges for all its products (IPStream and Datastream) to £11 (wholesale I assume)

Now I know this is a good thing, but not 100% sure as to what it will actually mean for end customers?

Any ideas?

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BT Reduces Migration Charges

Current migration charges are around £35 +VAT (£41) and the majority if not all of that is what BT charge so with the reduction to £11 it should be cheaper to migrate - in fact PlusNet currently have a special offer of free broadband migration to any of their ADSL products which is a direct result of BT reducing their migration charges. See

It won't have any impact on existing PlusNet customers but it will allow those on other ISPs to switch to PlusNet for free.