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BT Openworld --> Plusnet


BT Openworld --> Plusnet

I'm migrating from BT Openworld to Plusnet (512mbps), and my migration date was the 30th June. On the 30th, I got a ticket saying the migration request had failed and it'd been reissued.

So, I phoned BT to make sure they'd got the new request, and they hadn't. They also say they never received the previous request.

They told me to phone Plusnet to make sure the request had been done, so I did, and Plusnet told me to phone BT to make sure they'd got it!

Of course, it won't be on the top of BT's to-do list to let a customer go to a rival ISP.

No-one seems in control, leaving me with absolutely no idea of when my broadband will be changed over.

Anyone any ideas?
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BT Openworld --> Plusnet

The Problem with Migrations is there are 4 parties involved: you, your current ISP, your new ISP and BT Wholesale. The only one of the 4 that actually knows what is going on in BT Wholesale and you cannot talk to them (only ISPs can).

Now where the blame lies is difficult to determin as all parties I presume new your were migrating. As PlusNet put the migration order in then I can only conclude it was either BTW or BTO at fault in this case.

I assume you actually told BTO that you are migrating when you submitted the order to PlusNet?

Whay should happen is when BTO get your migration request they will contact you via email to confirm you requested it. Once you confirm it they accept the migration and a date is agreed for it to happen. This date is passed bak via BTW to Plusnet.

So all you can do is keep pestering BTO and PlusNet and hope this new request goes through. It will however take a further 7->10 days to complete.

One thing you should do is check you received the correct CBUK from BTO, ask them to check with BT as there have been cases in other ISPs that the ISP does not have an up-to-date CBUK related to your line. If this is wrong BTW will reject the migration.

BT Openworld --> Plusnet

I have had exactly the same problem. I had a migration date of 28th June. Then nothing happened. I was then informed that my migration had been cancelled as i had requested a transfer to the wrong product despite asking both Plusnet and BT what package i was on and what i needed to transfer to. I have been informed by Plusnet that the application has been resubitted though i have no new date.

Why it took until the 28th June (1 month after my application) for someone to realise that the application was wrong i don't know. Why do these things have to be so fiendishly complicated?

BT Openworld --> Plusnet

Thanks for the replies guys.

I've just contacted BT Openworld again, and they reckon it takes 5 - 7 working days for the request to show up on the system.

+net made the 2nd request on the 30th June, which means this Friday is the 7th working day. So I'll be calling BT again on Friday/Saturday, to make sure they've got the request.

What a shoddy way of doing things!

BT Openworld --> Plusnet

Well, what a suprise - BTO called me this morning to tell me they'd received a migration request, and that I want to proceed with it. The migration date is now 27th July.

Not bad - I could see this going on for months! Smiley

RE: Migration

A CBUK migration happens this way.

You get CBUK number from your losing ISP.

You then give that to your new ISP.

Your new ISP then contacts BT Wholesale to say that the EU(End user) e.g. You, has requested to migrate.

BT Wholesale contact the losing ISP to confirm the migration.

The losing ISP must, by regulation, contact you as the customer to confirm this.

Once you confirm, a green light is given to BT Wholesale from the losing ISP and BT Wholesale tells your new ISP that the migration is going ahead.

Once migration happens, you're on the new ISP.

It does seem like either is at fault, or it is BT Wholesale. And as you've heard, BT Wholesale doesn't talk to the customers of ISP's, as BT Wholesale's customers are ISP's.

So that's a migration from start to near enough finish!

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BT Openworld --> Plusnet

Seems to be a common problem, the Isp that a customer is moving from seem to make everything as troublesome as possible for the customer. Maybe this is designed to stop customers migrating because of all the hasles involved. Its a great pitty it wasnt as easy to migrate as it is to sign up in the first place.

I suppose its not unlike insurance companies when a customer tries to make a claim, pitty thy could pay out as quickly as they can set up a direct debit to collect the premiums.

As for moving from BT to Plusnet, probably the best choice ever. I think anyone would prefer Plus to BT.

on my second year with plusnet and I,ve only had one problem which was dealt with quickly and efficiently. Well done Plusnet, a truly good Isp. Smiley

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BT Openworld --> Plusnet

Hi Keith,

The good news is that the migration process is being simplified. We are currently trialling a new system whereby the losing ISP pre-authorises the migration in the form of a Migration Authorisation Code (or MAC number). The customer then takes this to the new ISP and the order will go through as the losing ISP cannot block it as they've already given their permission by generated the MAC number. If they don't want to let you migrate they won't issue the number. So you'll know on day 1 whether you can or can't migrate.

RE: BTOpenworld -->

I went from the BT Broadband part of BT, and did the MAC code, and damn was it easy! Just needed to configure my router to pick up the NAT config.

And my domain name is supported, so i can have, which is nice!

So I'm glad I migrated over, because its just so much better for an extra £7/month!