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BT Network Congestion


BT Network Congestion

Currently on a so-called 1Mb 50:1 connection. Great at 4am, but in the evening, it's pretty poor.

I'm on an Amber exchange (Highworth) and recently, for every 10 days elapsed time, the ETA date for my exchange upgrade goes out by 2 weeks :< It's currently standing at 13/02/04, whereas it started out at 23/01/04. I now have zero confidence that BT will stick to the new date.

My question is, where to go from here?

1) I can, of course just keep waiting, and paying.
2) I can downgrade to 512Kb/s and save money, though it'll involve throwing even more money (regrade fee) at BT Evil
3) I can upgrade to a 1Mb/s 20:1 connection and throw even more money at the problem. Question is, will this help? Do 20:1 users get a separate VP? Or am I going to see the same sorts of problems, but be paying even more money?

Thoughts from those in the know would be appreciated.

BT Network Congestion

As far as I know, and I'm not very sure about this, even upgrading to a 20:1 product would have the same problems since contention isn't the problem here, therefore being contended against less users would have little if any effect.

Like I said, I know very little about how this all works so I could be completely wrong.

BT Network Congestion

Having the same problem here in 512k 50:1 contention. Transfer has gone down of late. I checked my exchange to see that it was now red status with upgrade mid feb. It's not the contention. It's the whole exchange paths to the outside world. So changing to a 20.1 would give the same result. Best just to wait till exchange is upgraded. AGAIN

BT Network Congestion

I receint BT statment talked about the exchanges that they where going to upgrade back in Dec. They did keep there promise of fixing 50% of exchanges by Dec 31st. However, a minor data issue (your guess is as good as mine) has meant that the 31st Jan targets have been deliberatly moved (not that they can't be bothered).

The statment said that the remaining exchanges detected at the start will be completed by no later than the 25th Feb.

This statment did not go into detail regarding when newly detected exchanges would be fixed, and I can only sugest going by the ETA.

The data on the exchanges page relates to 50:1 VP's and not 20:1. 20:1 VPs are 100% seperate and as such, issues on 50:1 VPs do not mean that 20:1 are effected.

Exchanges usualy have multiple VPs for any product, only you are placed on only one of them. As such, some users at your exchange may not be seeing issues on one VP, whilst others do.

There is nothing PlusNet or BT can do, until they have the equipment, configuration and testing done to allow VPs to go up and running properly again at your exchange.

Upgrading to 20:1 is an option. Obviously, 20:1 mean that QoS is far better than 50:1. This doesn't mean overall speeds will increase, just that conection effecting you is far less.

As there is no SLA to the consumer on ADSL, nor any SLA to the ISP unless it affects there BT Central pipe, then no compensation can be saught. As such, 1, 2 or 3 still apply and in essance, is now pretty much your own personal choice.
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BT Network Congestion

Upgrading to 1MB 20:1 should fix it in most cases... This diagram shows how the VPs are setup on a typical exchange. It is the 50:1 VPs that are getting congested:


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BT Network Congestion


This raises an interesting question: how can one check what contention ratio your particular connection has?

Any ideas, Mike
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BT Network Congestion

It is stated in your product description - for example Home Surf under your connection. It will be 50:1 or 20:1 as those are the only two I am aware of.

BT Network Congestion

You can't find out the exact current conection, as BT do not release how many users are assigned per VP.

What we do know is that almost all VPs are not full. Meaning that most exchanges are not going upto the 50:1 or 20:1 conection limits. BT usualy upgrade what is needed before this time.

The sad and sorry state is that BT could turn around and say the contention isn't met, so you will have to put up with it.