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BT DSLAM Upgrade - Can't connect


BT DSLAM Upgrade - Can't connect

I've already raised a ticket for this (5340961), but as usual no reply after 10 hours...

I have a Solwise 715 router and have not been able to connect since the morning of 16th September. My local exchange had it's DSLAM cards upgraded at 0420, according to

The Solwise support forum has many posts about this, uk.telecom.broadband carries some postings and has a story about it. The problem also seems to affect Netgear DG814 owners.

I assume that PlusNet are not aware of this yet? Other ISPs have issued warnings that the work was due to happen (Zen & Demon at least) but there was nothing on plusnet.service.announce

PlusNet - Please:

a) Report my fault to BT
b) Make an announcement on this
c) Undertake to issue announcements when BT inform you of pending work.


Peter Watson

RE: BT DSLAM Upgrade - Can't connect

you can add a zyxel modem/router to that. Sad