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BT DNS Pages


BT DNS Pages

Is anyone else receiving DNS Errors?

I'm constantly being re-directed to 'BT Home - your gateway to BT, Service Information' page.

Basically telling me that, 'You have been connected to this page due to one of the following reasons. You must now shut down your browser and Internet applications before attempting to reconnect.

1. The BTWholesale access circuit to your Service Provider is currently down.
Your service should be resumed soon.
2. You are testing your local connection to BT using
3. You are testing your connection to your Service Provider using ‘bt_test_user@domain’ where domain is your Service Provider domain name.
4. Your Service Provider is currently unable to accept your connection request please wait until service is restored or contact your Service Provider for further information.
5. You have attempted to access an invalid Service Provider domain.'

Have I missed something?

I've rebooted firewall and router to no affect.

Strange thing is, one minute a site is fine, the next I get this damn BT page.

Help please!

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BT DNS Pages

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