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BT 5861 router


BT 5861 router

Hi all

We had a BT installed ADSL ages ago and we upgraded to a different PlusNet ADSL without the BT support.
Now the 5861 has blown up and I have no configuration details for it.
The web interface only ever showed a connection screen with very basic details like name/password and (I think) connect/disconnect buttons.

The device had an IP of x.x.x.17 which is also the address to the rest of the world so I'm guessing it was bridged in some way. I've seen that PlusNet don't support this but it can/does work.

I want to get a replacement that will do the same (or even a replacement 5861) but I need to find out what mode it was working in.

Can anyone help with this? It'd be great if someone in the same position as me could tell me how their's is configured.

Thanks alot.