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According to the package I have with Metronet (PAYGo Option 1) I should be able to get up to 8 MB speeds (also according to a website which shows speeds available from exchanges in the UK, it should also enable speeds up to 8 MB). However at about 12.20 am on 14.3.2007 I did a couple of speed tests on the website and found that the speed was just over 500 K or about 0.5 MB. (Presumably there is not too much internet traffic at this time).

I only live about 0.5 km. away from our local exchange. Is a speed of 0.5 MB not very low? If so, how can I increase it? As far as I remember, when I first got on to Metronet several years ago I was on a 0.5 MB service, although on 13th June 2006 I got the E-mail below from

Great news! We're delighted to announce that your Metronet broadband service will be receiving a FREE speed upgrade. Your new higher connection speed will be 'up to 8Mb'

Please note, due to the way the service works, we cannot guarantee that you will receive an 8Mb connection speed.

Your speed increase will depend on your distance from your local exchange, the condition of your telephone line, as well as factors such as weather. This means after we've upgraded your account, the actual speed you receive may vary.

Your Upgraded Account Details

Broadband service name: *******
Broadband product: Metronet PAYGo Option 1

What happens next?
Nothing. We'll automatically upgrade your speed, which should take place within the coming months. Once done, we'll email you to confirm the good news. No other changes to your Metronet broadband product will occur.

In the ten days following the upgrade, the service speeds vary. This is perfectly normal, as tests are carried out during this period to see what speed can be supported. It's important that you or the broadband service user remains connected during this ten day period so that these tests can take place. After ten days the speed will stabilise at the fastest the telephone line can support.

As far as I am aware, I have not received such an E-mail and the test carried out earlier this morning indicates that speeds are no better than before. Can I check if the account has been upgraded?
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Plusnet Staff
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We changed the up to 8Mb to an opt-in upgrade, if you want to go ahead with this simply raise a ticket on your account requesting the upgrade and we'll get it placed for you.
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 Chris Parr
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To help keep the forum tidy :lol: and assist the comms guys in giving a helping hand, please post request about being upgraded to MAX


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